CO.P.A.P. Certification

A long and meticulous selection process has allowed CO.P.A.P. to succeed in obtaining important certifications for its products:

  • all the marketed seed is certified ENSE and controlled by the Inspectors of the Provincial Phytosanitary Consortium of Piacenza in association with the Plant Diseases Observatory of Bologna;
  • ISO 22005:2008 certification obtained for the traceability of the CO.P.A.P. product;
  • the farms which are members of the Cooperative are all certified GLOBAL GAP for the cultivation of White Garlic from Piacenza, the cultivation of Onions and Shallots.

Furthermore, White Garlic from Piacenza, a local product of superior quality, has received the DNA Controllato brand (Certified DNA) and was the first to be placed in the Register of Traditional Products.

DNA Controllato (Certified DNA)

This brand protects both consumers and producers. Food safety, traceability, quality and the authenticity of what reaches our tables are essential to guarantee healthy and conscious nutrition.

Agricoltura biologica (Organic farming)

It certifies farm products and guarantees conformity of products obtained using organic methods in all phases of the production chain, from the land to the table, in accordance with the regulations of the European Union.


Global G.A.P. – GRASP

Worldwide standard that ensures the application of good farming practices. It connects workers, farmers and owners of brands in the production and marketing of safe foods for consumers.



The Body monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for controlling the production and marketing of certified seed.


ISO 22005:2008

Traceability system for chains and agro-food companies, with the mission to guarantee, through certification, quality, sustainability and tradition, elements of value on national and international markets.


IFS Food

GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised standard. The goal is food safety and quality of processes and products. It concerns the food processes of production industries and of industries that package loose foods.

Qualità Controllata (QC) – Certified Quality

The use of the brand is granted to farms that produce in accordance with the product specifications, respectful of human health and the environment, able to guarantee the quality of the product throughout the entire chain.