CO.P.A.P. products

Each year, CO.P.A.P. produces, processes, packages and markets four different typical products from Emilia that reach our tables every day: the White Garlic from Piacenza, which represents the flagship product, excellence and unique variety in Italy, the White onions, red onions and gold onions, the Shallots and the Tomatoes for Sauce.

White Garlic from Piacenza

High-quality garlic from Monticelli d’Ongina (PC), 100% Italian and natural, certified by the DNA controllato brand (Certified DNA) and produced by farms with the GLOBALG.A.P. – GRASP brand.


White, red and golden onions

A large variety to satisfy every market request. Versatile for any preparation and grown by farms all certified GLOBALG.A.P. – GRASP…



Aromatic richness, QC certified quality and GLOBALG.A.P. – GRASP certified. The shallot is the ideal choice for any recipe.


Tomatoes for sauce

Ideal for homemade sauces, guaranteed by rigorous analyses and health controls and by the GLOBAL GAP brand.

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