Chain of CO.P.A.P. White Garlic from Piacenza

The chain of White Garlic from Piacenza allows consumers to trace all phases of the production process, from the land to the table, offering the possibility to enjoy a high-quality product, 100% Made in Italy and certified by the QC Qualità Controllata brand (Certified Quality) of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Furthermore, the White Garlic from Piacenza, a typical product unique in the territory of Monticelli d’Ongina (PC), has received the DNA Controllato brand (Certified DNA) that guarantees the origin of the products, its highest quality and pure authenticity. All farms which are members of CO.P.A.P. are certified GLOBALG.A.P. – GRASP.

The strengths of the chain of white garlic from Piacenza are:

  • exclusive use of ENSE certified seed;
  • application of the Guidelines for Integrated Production of the Emilia Romagna region;
  • identification of minimum traceable lot (produced from a single parcel of land) and maintaining the lot code during the entire phase of the process;
  • carrying out multi-residual analysis on all lots;
  • maintenance of initial lot code on the single sales package;
  • possibility of the customer to trace the product via Internet;
  • accurate checks by the independent certification bodies;
  • assessment of varietal respondence using the DNA Controllato test.

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