Rural Development Programme Biancoseme


Organisational and process innovation of the chain for the sustainable production of healthy seed of white garlic from Piacenza

Acronym: Biancoseme

Operation type: RDP EMILIA ROMAGNA 2014-2020 – Operation 16.1.01 call for applications 2018 – FOCUS AREA 3 A

Project: The BIANCOSEME project, followed by Prof. Paola Battilani in her capacity as scientific coordinator, involves the Sustainable Protection of the plants and foods Area of DIPROVES. Specifically, the plan coordinated by CO.P.A.P. soc. coop. a r.l., involves the collaboration of the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – DIPROVES as research body, the participation of Blumen Group spa and “Il Germoglio” cooperativa sociale soc. a r.l.; of the farms Ortomio of Mackintosh Anne Clare, Saturi Sergio, Franco & C. s.s., Gruppi Massimiliano, Rastelli Francesco; of the training, experimentation and innovation centre “Vittorio Tadini” soc. cons. a r.l. and of Agrisilva s.c.t.p.

The project aims at increasing the results achieved during the project “Guidelines to contrast fusariosis of white garlic from Piacenza” from which had emerged the central role of the garlic “seed” in preventing the spread of fusarium.

Specific goals:

  • Develop improvement interventions on the machines for seed preparation, to reduce the mechanical damage which is the preferential route for penetration of cloves by the agents responsible for the dry rot of garlic;;

  • Identify methods of sanitation of the bulbs, with the use of low impact techniques, i.e. applications of ozone and high temperatures/steam, or non-toxic disinfectants;

  • Develop innovative seed coating treatments, with the preferable use of bio products (namely natural antagonists), with innovative techniques such as film coating.


Amount of Investment plan: € 172,092.56

Amount of Support: € 125,694.10

Beneficiary: CO.P.A.P. soc. coop. a r.l.


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