Rural Development Programme for Emilia-Romagna


Managing authority: General Directorate for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing

Operation type 3.2.01 “Promotion and information activities by producer groups on domestic markets”

Project: the primary aim of the project is to develop and establish CO.P.A.P. products like White Garlic from Piacenza, onions and shallots, enhancing and positioning them inside new European markets, making known their typical features and characteristics. In particular, CO.P.A.P. intends to attract new stakeholders (consumers, buyers, influencers, journalists, restaurateurs, etc.) differentiating White Garlic from Piacenza in a particular way and making it a highly sought after product for its reputation and superior qualities.

Operational tools:

  • creation of a website

  • market research and mailing list

  • social media marketing

  • press office and PR activities

  • participation in international fairs

  • creation of promotional material

  • purchase of advertising space

  • creation of dynamic and static visual material

Amount of investment plans: € 47,250.00

Amount of support: € 33,075.00

Beneficiary: CO.P.A.P. soc. coop. a r.l.


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